[Glade-devel] Palette with small buttons

I experimented with implementing the palette as small buttons, but this
resulted in another problem.

If the palette widget is resized, the item buttons simply stay put in a
4-column GtkTable, and do not use the extra space allocated to the
palette. This does not look very pretty. Glade2's palette also acts this

There are several ways of dealing with with problem

* I can create a subclass of GtkContainer, that allows these item buttons
to move around freely. An example can be seen in the GIMP palette, when
you resize the palette.

* We can leave the item buttons in a GtkTable, and ignore the resizing
problem, but then there is no real improvement over Glade2's palette.

* We can make the palette widget unresizable, but this might lead to
problems in IDE's that try to integrate the widget.



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