[Glade-devel] Bug in Button widgets with icon & label


I am using GTK-2.8.10-rc1 runtime environment on windows-XP.

Divakar E

From: "Divakar E" <divakare hotmail com>
To: glade-devel lists ximian com
Subject: [Glade-devel] Bug in Button widgets with icon & label
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 09:30:16 +0000

 While using Glade-2.10.0 on windos XP, found a peculiar behaviour with 
buttons having icon and a big lable. Please let me know if its a bug.

To reproduce,

1) Create Window
2) Add Fixed Position to the window
3) Place either button, check box or radio button
4) Increase the number of characters in the "label field" of the widget.
5) Add an icon to the widget.
Observation: Now the text in the widget exceeds the widget width. If we add 
some more characters to the label field, the text width is increased 
automatically. But the button width remains the same.

Divakar E

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