[Glade-devel] Bug in Button widgets with icon & label

Divakar E wrote:
Observation: Now the text in the widget exceeds the widget width. If 
we add some more characters to the label field, the text width is 
increased automatically. But the button width remains the same.

     I think this is the natural behaviour of GtkFixed/GtkLayout that
you are experiencing; the GtkFixed container cannot allow children to
dynamicly "grow" because of font size changes or translations etc...
it would result in widgets overlapping.

If you want the button to resize properly with the text; you should
use the normal container objects made for resizable desktop

If you must use GtkFixed for some good reason (maybe a skinable
pompilot interface or something with a fixed resolution)... you
have some usefull properties on GtkLabel to set elipses and line
wrapping etc.


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