[Glade-devel] Any Alpha version of Glade 3?

Daniel Espinosa wrote:
At the moment, I don't find any news about the new Glade 3; Anjunta
will use it, but how do I get an Alpha version (not CVS one, sorry I
expect to have some thing working), and try the new caracteristics and
help of course.

I wanted to get menu/toolbar editors up and running first, my other
blocker was the utter brokenness of composite widgets with internal
children in regards with copy/paste/load,

My working copy at home actually fixes what I've been calling
"Dialog hell" (composite widget issues) for the last 8 months;
I just need to right up a changelog entry tonight.

The cvs version is definitly stable in most regards, there are
large unfinished portions (like absence of gnome widgets, custom
editors etc).

Is there a reason why the cvs version is not working for you ?

I should take the time to push for a glade-3 release location
on ftp.gnome.org & maybe a glade3 website, or at least our own
page at the glade site... if the fact that there's no tarball
available on the web is stopping you from checking it out, then
I'm definitly late in that respect (but for the moment, I encourage
you to build the cvs version and taste :) Most/All glade3 activity
is in this ML & glade3 module in bugzilla.gnome.org ATM).


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