[Glade-devel] First glade-3 development snapshot

Erwin Rol wrote:
First of all very nice to see that glade 3 is moving forward, i am a big
fan of glade (2) :-)

But i have noticed some things I think are better in glade-2, glade-2
uses small buttons in its palette, glade-3 uses a list of wide buttons.

     this has been in bugzilla for a while:


On that note, I've been pondering this "property template" feature;
(the idea starts here:

potentially, in the palette one could either create a GtkButton
normally, or create one using a previously defined property template
(ideally using only one click to create)... there would also have
to be a load and save interface... but the point is that the palette
might become slightly more sophisticated, but maybe this could all
be implemented in a context menu on a palette item; it all needs alot
more brainstorming.

The same for selecting the palette "page", in glade-2 it was a one
click , now it is a two click drop down. Maybe the old glade-2 selection
mechanism but with more button columns when the window is made wider. It
would maybe also be nice to add a "All" or "All but obsolete" group

Interesting, I was also wondering why make the distinction from
"Gtk+ Base" and "Gtk+ Additional" and what that distinction really
was, maybe some more appropriate distinctions can be made.

I do agree that the drop-down menu is a little troublesome, but it
does serve to save screen realestate, as specially when you'd have
a few plugins loaded simultainiously (gtk+, additional, dialogs,
gnome, gnomedb, mycustomkit, gtk+-obsolete will get pretty cluttered),
maybe this could be addressed with icons/tooltips as well to save

The main-window with the widget-tree (which is very nice to combine the
main window and the widget-tree window!) is always below the other glade
windows. And the palette window is always on top. It would be nicer to
have the user (window manager) deal with the glade windows all the same,
so when i raise a window that window is on top and not still behind the
palette window. 

     right now all windows are transient to the main project window;
I'm not sure if this is good or not; it is nice to be able to select
the main project window from the toolbar and have all the other windows
come up simultainiously without haveing to tab through them...
but the main reason transientness was implemented was for anjuta
(so that the runtime widgets don't get lost under the IDE).

I have no problems reverting this in the glade-3 main app...
any other input on this subject ? ...

Than there seem to be some icons missing, Alignment, Expander, Event
Box, Font Button, Color button, File chooser Button, Aspect Frame and
About Dialog have the default red-X icon in the palette list.

     just added those widgets recently... tried looking up some
pre-fabricated icons for this in gnome themes etc and couldn't find
any... I guess we'll just have to wait for someone to contribute
the artwork :)

OK hope i have not offended anybody, and if nobody agrees with me i will
just get used to glade-3, keep up the good work :-)

Ofcourse not, this is just the kind of constructive criticism I was
hoping for, thanks very much for your input :)


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