[Glade-devel] First glade-3 development snapshot

First of all very nice to see that glade 3 is moving forward, i am a big
fan of glade (2) :-)

But i have noticed some things I think are better in glade-2, glade-2
uses small buttons in its palette, glade-3 uses a list of wide buttons.
with glade-2 all buttons in the palette easily fit on my screen with
glade-3 i have to keep scrolling the list, this is not an improvement,
even though the buttons look nicer. A solution might be when the window
is made wider that there will be two (or more)) columns of buttons so
the window doesn't have to be scrolled. That in combination with not
displaying the text but only the icon (with tooltip). This is especially
useful when you have a 16x10 display that has more horizontal than
vertical space, like some laptops have.

The same for selecting the palette "page", in glade-2 it was a one
click , now it is a two click drop down. Maybe the old glade-2 selection
mechanism but with more button columns when the window is made wider. It
would maybe also be nice to add a "All" or "All but obsolete" group

The main-window with the widget-tree (which is very nice to combine the
main window and the widget-tree window!) is always below the other glade
windows. And the palette window is always on top. It would be nicer to
have the user (window manager) deal with the glade windows all the same,
so when i raise a window that window is on top and not still behind the
palette window. 

Than there seem to be some icons missing, Alignment, Expander, Event
Box, Font Button, Color button, File chooser Button, Aspect Frame and
About Dialog have the default red-X icon in the palette list.

OK hope i have not offended anybody, and if nobody agrees with me i will
just get used to glade-3, keep up the good work :-)

- Erwin

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