[Glade-devel] First glade-3 development snapshot

I clean forgot to send a mail to this list when sending a mail
to gnome-announce last week... So I give you:


     This is the first ever development snapshot of glade-3, after years 
of hard work, blood, sweat... you know the deal... we bring you the 
beginnings of what I'm sure will be a great product of the community.

* What is glade-3

     Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user 
interfaces for the Gtk+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment. The
user interfaces designed in Glade are stored in XML format, enabling
easy integration with external tools. In particular libglade can load
the XML files and create the interfaces at runtime.

This version of Glade (Glade-3) is a complete rewrite of the original 
Glade codebase.

     One of the main differnces from glade-2 is that C code generation 
has been removed: this has been done on purpose, since using generated
code is deprecated; the preferred way to use glade files is with 
libglade (if code generation is needed, this can be provided as another
tool or plugin, code generation is simply not a part of the glade-3
project). Another main difference is that glade-3 was designed to make 
maximal use of GObject introspection, thus easing the integration of
external toolkits and handling widgets, signals and properties
genericly; thus making it easier to write fancy features in the future
(toolkits such as gtk+ itself, gnome, gnome-db and any others are
implemented externaly as widget catalogs with optional support
libraries, thus catalogs may be distributed seperatly; possibly along
with their libglade support modules).

It has a few useful new features such as stacked Undo/Redo and Multiple 
Project support and respects the same XML format as glade-2.

glade-3 2.90.0

What is new in glade-3 2.90.0

     Everything about glade-3 is definitly new in this first ever
development snapshot, so I give you here a list of all the
all star players that helped up to this point to make it happen
(anyone I have any kind of record of should be here).

    Chema Celorio, Jonathan Blandford, Carlos Perello Marin,
    Archit Baweja, Ravi Pratap, Shane Butler, Joe Shaw, Kjartan Maraas,
    Michael Meeks, James Willcox, Joaqu?n Cuenca Abela, Paolo Borelli,
    Tommi Komulainen, Damon Chaplin, David Hoover, Morten Welinder,
    Tristan Van Berkom, Ivan Wong, Gustavo Noronha Silva, Richard Hult
    Mikael Hallendal, Naba Kumar, Philip Van Hoof, Juan Pablo Ugarte

   Fatih Demir, Christian Rose, Pablo Saratxaga, Duarte Loreto,
   Zbigniew Chyla, Hasbullah Bin Pit, Takeshi AIHANA

And here's a list of the major missing parts of glade-3:

  - i18n'ness still needs to be finished (Richard Hult already got a
    great deal done here)

  - Write custom menu editor and toolbar editor (and implement plugin
    entry point for custom editors)

  - Add the rest of the Gtk+ widgets and implement good plugin code
    for them where needed (including the non GtkWidget classes)

  - Add Gnome widget catalog

  - Need to streamline button-press-events on runtime widgets better,
    widgets like GtkEntry seem to eat up mouse clicks without us getting
    a chance to treat them (especially noticable when dealing with
    GtkFixed or GtkLayout children), glade-2 seems to handle this nicely,
    so there must be a way...

Ofcourse there are alot of other minor bugs lying around and alot of
bugs that I hope will be reported to bugzilla after releasing this 
snapshot :)

* Where can I get it ?
     [MD5: 0049d2c2874c57ddfb610107b570bc25]

Please report bugs to http://bugzilla.gnome.org (product glade3)
and send any comments to glade-devel lists ximian com


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