[Glade-devel] glade-3 status report

Juan Pablo Ugarte wrote:
Of course if this is what you had in mind I will start to do it the
right way (glade-shortcuts.[ch] + clear interface, etc) and probably add
some other feature I am missing.


Come to think of it theres another complication; the project window
menubar accelerators are not a part of the libgladeui.so library, so
shortcuts need to be implemented seperately per application using the
glade3 core library.

So what we probably want is for anjuta/glade-project-window to decide what
shortcuts do what in there respective apps and use the glade_shortcuts api
to add shortcuts to the glade windows/runtime widgets.

Something more elaborate like:
      glade_shortcut_connect (GtkWidget *,  GdkKeyModifier, GdkKeySym, GLadeShortcutAction);

Maybe the Gtk+ apis allow for something more straight-forward, I'm not that clued in on
menubars and accelerators :)


For reference sake:

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