[Glade-devel] Adding Styles in Glade 3

Divakar E wrote:
Could anyone you answer the following questions.
1. Can style sheet properties be added through gtk+.xml for glade-3 or 
it is
only through gtkrc files.

Not yet, http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=314968

2. What is the format of the style sheet entries ( fg, bg, pixmap) if it 
to be in gtk+.xml ? Why did not the above mentioned statment work?

Idealy this shouldnt be in the gtk+.xml unless it needs to be
special cased; once style properties are integrated; they should
be introspectable since they are installed with.
     gtk_widget_class_install_style_property ()

Any virtual style properties will have to be setup in gtk+.xml,
also the loader backend (libglade atm) will have to be modified
for support of style properties.

3. We could not find "style propagate", "style name", "font name" 
with any gtk classes. Have these been removed? If not, again what would be
the entries in gtk+.xml for these?
4. Is it planned to put the style properties in a new tab of property 
or under "common" tab.

I would add a "Style" tab, I think thats expected.

5. What other steps have to followed for adding style properties.
6. Is there a document which list down the steps to be followed for 
adding a
feature/bug fix for glade-3?

Well there's the brief HACKING file, all bugs/features should
be in gnome bugzilla under the "glade3" product


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