[Glade-devel] glade-3 maintainership

I agree that somebody needs to be applying patches or the project will
grind to a halt. Already there are some patches in CVS that have comment
saying "this works!" etc waiting to be applied.
If one or two people like David want to be maintainers, I think that
would be great. It is important to have an active maintainer. I know I
certainly don't have time to be a maintainer but am happy to help out in
other ways.
Regards, Shane

On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 08:16, David Hoover wrote:
I've been waiting to send this in order to make sure everyone has a
reasonable amount of time to respond, but now I'd like to bring it up:

It looks as if glade-3 really doesn't have a maintainer right now.
Joaquin is the current maintainer, but he hasn't responded to any of the
recent threads, nor committed anything to cvs in ~5 months.

Tristan has been doing some work on things, I have a few things I'm
playing with right now, there have suddenly been a couple of patches
surfacing on the list in the past week, etcetera. With this in mind,
maintaining a slew of uncommitted patches in bugzilla waiting for
approval/application will get unwieldy fairly quickly.

Since development has been mostly stagnated for the past quarter of a
year, I would like to step up to the plate and take maintainership
responsibilities. I am willing (if they are) to participate in patch
review with some of the other people who have had commit approval in the
past (Damon, Paolo, Shane, etc), or if people are comfortable, I can
tackle patch review myself; if in the future someone stepped up with a
strong opposition to my actions, there would always be cvs history in
order to remove things.

I fear that without someone at the reigns to review and apply patches,
this newfound burst of activity will quickly die; I know that if I went
for weeks building up a large number of sets of unapplied-patches that
needed to be managed, I would quickly lose interest in working on
glade-3 (for instance, my recent patch which added api documentation
would be a godsend for me while working on other fixes, but if that doc
patch had not been applied already, I would need to constantly revert it
before building the unique patches for other fixes)

Admittedly, I'm not the most experienced person in maintainership, nor
the most familiar with the current glade-3 code base, but I am willing
to work at it, do my best, and acclimate over time. As it stands now, it
appears that nobody else wants the job or has the time for it, and I'd
much rather see some progress, even if it is slightly shaky at first,
rather than a potentially exciting project laying fallow.

I welcome any responses to this, and if people are interested, we can
set up a meeting in IRC to discuss the matter further. For now, I will
tentatively propose a meeting in #glade3 on irc.gimp.org on Friday,
October 15th. I'm not sure what timezones people are in, other than that
I am in UTC -0700 and Tristan is UTC -0400, so sometime in the North
American work day would probably be best for the two of us. For now, let
me suggest 17:00 UTC aka 13:00 EDT aka 10:00 PDT.

Please send me email off list if you're interested in coming (or even if
you're not) and let me also know if that time is acceptable for you. I
will corral that information & post ASAP with updates to that.

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