[Glade-devel] state of the project

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 15:08 +0200, Paolo Borelli wrote:
Il giorno gio, 07-10-2004 alle 13:56 +0100, Keith Sharp ha scritto:

Once I have completed this I plan on implementing the recent files
support using code from libegg.

Please don't: this has been discussed in the past and the decision was
to not add it since it only works on linux+gnome, while we want glade3
to work out of the box on win32. As a matter of fact ypu can see that
glade3 depends only on gtk+ and not on libgnome etc.
Of course you could do

#ifdef GNOME

But since glade3 has still many more important things to do, I'd prefer
to drop this feature in favour of code cleanliness.

Ok, I understand.

This should be removed from the TODO file then.  Item 2 under "Normal


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