[Glade-devel] state of the project

On Wed, 2004-10-06 at 20:50, David Hoover wrote:

Damon Chaplin - had been doing glade-3 work in the past, unsure of
                current status

I'm still maintaining glade-2 - I'm about to do another release.
I may help with glade-3 a bit, but probably not much.

The few questions I'll raise also:
      * Is there a current maintainer? If so, who? If not, who can make
        the call to assign a new one?

I think Joaquin Cuenca Abela is the official maintainer.

For now I think you guys should add patches to bugs in bugzilla.
After a while you'll be given permission to commit straight to cvs, and
a cvs account if you don't have one.

      * Who does glade3-maint bugzilla gnome org (the default assignee
        on glade3 bugs) go to? (I suppose it's potentially this list & I
        just haven't seen that since the list had been broken, but I
        don't know)

It goes to whoever wants it. You set your bugzilla preferences to
'watch' the account:

      * There isn't much in bugzilla, nor the TODO file (well, there's
        actually a decent amount there, but...); do people have their
        own lists of things? I've got a few things that I should be
        filing in bugzilla over the next few days, and I'd encourage
        others to do the same

I think there is actually still a lot of work to get glade-3 ready.

Here's a quick list:

  o Add support for a few more types of properties - pixbufs, stock
    items and stock icons (preferably with the ability to add custom
    ones). Possibly also radio groups, and mnemonic target widgets
    ('Focus Target' in glade-2). Any others?
  o Update support for string/text properties to include extra
    attributes to help translation - "translatable" and "context"
    flags and "comments" string. (I've just added this to glade-2).
  o Menu editor.
  o Accessibility.
  o Going through all widgets checking which properties are needed,
    creating the xml file, and then testing. And adding any special
    code that is needed (this could be a lot of work. I'm not sure).

      * Speaking of bugzilla, should the items in the TODO file get
        migrated there so there can be discussion/partial
        patches/progress messages/etc?

Yes, major features/problems could go in bugzilla.

      * Who has access to/maintains the web pages at glade.gnome.org?

It is in cvs, in the glade-web module. I maintain it at present.

      * Who is the list admin for glade-users and glade-devel? (Possibly
        Damon, since he had responded to Dan Winship about nuking glade-

Yes, it is me.


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