[Glade-devel] state of the project


On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 05:50, David Hoover wrote:
Shane Butler - has done some patches to glade-3 on occasion when not 
               busy with other things.

Yeah, well, I can try help out now and then :)  Currently I'm still
working on better GtkNotebook support (already posted a patch but
discovered its more complicated than that to be like glade-2). No CVS
account currently.

      * There isn't much in bugzilla, nor the TODO file (well, there's
        actually a decent amount there, but...); do people have their
        own lists of things? I've got a few things that I should be
        filing in bugzilla over the next few days, and I'd encourage
        others to do the same

Actually some of the tasks will be reasonable size, I think. The menu
editor is probably going to take a bit of work, for example. Anyway, I
find a good way to find bugs is if you try something in glade-2 then in
glade-3. Also saving something from glade-2 and open in glade-3. Or
repeating the same steps in both and checking the .glade file that
results at save time. Those sorts of things...

      * Speaking of bugzilla, should the items in the TODO file get
        migrated there so there can be discussion/partial
        patches/progress messages/etc?

I agree, that would be nice.

      * Who has access to/maintains the web pages at glade.gnome.org?

Hmm... I dont think the webpage currently needs to have anything to do
with glade-3 at this early stage, apart from maybe a call for

BTW, its nice to see some activity!

Cheers, Shane

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