[Glade-devel] [glade-3] crash loading simple file

Damon wrote:


The attached file crashes glade-3 at present.

glade_widget_create_packing_properties() is calling 
glade_widget_get_parent(), but the widget hasn't been added 
to its parent at that point.

Has someone changed this recently?
I'm not sure what the correct fix is.

I've fixed the crash, that was introduced when I added support for the
"grand-children" properties (that I wanted to use for the "response-id" of a
button on a dialog box).

As finally we're not using them, I've just commentted out the culprit code.
If you need these kind of properties in the future I will think of a fix for

However, your file still doesn't read correctly. It doesn't crash, but the
label doesn't show up in the table.

I will look at this problem asap.

Thank you for the report, Damon.


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