[Glade-devel] Helping out

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 11:08, e98cuenc free fr wrote:
- make additionl catalogs really pluggable: this means having
glade-gtk.so, glade-gnome.so, glade-gnome-db.so etc... currently we only
have gtk widgets and we lack infrastructure to get the catalogs at run
time (see the hack in glade-gtk.c for details)

I've been working on this point.  (I've not said anything in the last 3 weeks
'cause I've been on a trip.)

Thats great!
(btw, I hope you enjoyed your trip)

The naming that I've picked is libglade{whatever}.{so,dll}, being the default
shipped so libgladegtk.so.

fine by me, I wrote glade-gtk.so just because the file is glade-gtk.c.

By now, I've just done the linux part.  When it will be finished I will commit,
and then do the windows part.

David, one thing that you can done to start getting in touch with glade3 is
executing the program, and see what are the widgets that are not fully
supported, and what is lacking, and post your findings.

I can try to come up with a list later, but for what I saw, some of the
problems are general, not peculiar of each widget. The main one that I
found is that of "internal-child", i.e. widgets which have some childs
which should be handled internally (e.g. the vbox of a dialog)
This problem affect most of the "composite" widgets, like GtkDialog,
GtkPaned, etc.

Another (easier) issue is that the gtk_widget_fill_empty function does
not work properly, so some containers do not have placeholders and you
can't add widgets to them. Fill empty cannot be hadled sanely in a
generic function, it should become a method of GladeWidgetClass.
I had a patch for this (if I still find it), but I kept it on hold since
it's touching the glade-widget-class code you were reworking.
It should also be noted that this problem has interactions with the
"internal-child" problem.

GtkDialog (which is one of the most used widgets) has also other
- when one is created a dialog should query which kind of buttons the
user wants (see glade2), but we only have the code to do numerical
- there is the problem of the response-id attribute of the buttons in a
dialog, which I don't know how to handle.


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