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Quoting Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com>:

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 01:10, David Pettersson wrote:

I sent a message to the gnome-love list a couple of weeks ago, and I got
a reply from Paolo, suggesting that I help out with glade-3. So here I

I am a fairly skilled developer (currently working on embedded
software), but I cannot say that I have got much GTK and GNOME
experience (I have written a couple of GTK1 apps, but that was quite
some time ago). So I think this will be a good learning experience as

I've browsed the archives, and I am looking through the TODO list while
browsing the code. If anyone needs any particular help, please let me
know. By the way, what is the policy on submitting patches etc?

Anyway, looking forward to help you guys out. :-)


Hi David!

Here is a couple of info to get you started:

- the current maintainer is Joaquin Cuenca Abela
- to submit patches, send them to this list (patches should include
ChangeLog); at some point it may happen that Joaqin decide to give you
write access to cvs, but also in that case non-trivial patches should be
discussed here.
- other people beside Joaquin who made changes to glade3 lately are
Archit Baweja (bighead on irc) and me (pbor on irc).

To get a brief overview of the sources you may read my last week message
to this list in the thread "Offer to help out".

The pending stuff that I think it's being worked on, but still not
committed is:
- Menu Editor (Archit)
- Finish the changes to glade-widget-class and glade-catalog (Joaquin)

Beside what is listed in the TODO file, some of the major changes that
we would like to do longer term are:
- make additionl catalogs really pluggable: this means having
glade-gtk.so, glade-gnome.so, glade-gnome-db.so etc... currently we only
have gtk widgets and we lack infrastructure to get the catalogs at run
time (see the hack in glade-gtk.c for details)

I've been working on this point.  (I've not said anything in the last 3 weeks
'cause I've been on a trip.)

The naming that I've picked is libglade{whatever}.{so,dll}, being the default
shipped so libgladegtk.so.

By now, I've just done the linux part.  When it will be finished I will commit,
and then do the windows part.

David, one thing that you can done to start getting in touch with glade3 is
executing the program, and see what are the widgets that are not fully
supported, and what is lacking, and post your findings.

Then, you can start fixing the easiest ones, but just getting the list written
will be a big aid.


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