[Glade-devel] glade2: Colors in gnome druid are wrong

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 03:59, David Hampton wrote:
glade-2 extracts the wrong color information when working with a
GnomeDruidPageStandard widget (at least on my 2.2 system).  The colors
are read correctly from the xml file and applied to the widget on the
screen, but when you read from the screen widget (to put up a property
box or to write out the file) you get garbage.  This is trivial to
reproduce.  Just open a druid, select a "standard" page, and look at the
property box.  The colors won't match the colors on the page you just
selected.  The problem appears to be a disconnect in the arguments to
g_object_get on the GnomeDruidPageStandard widget.  Glade-2 passes in a
GdkColor*, while GnomeDruidPageStandard expects a GdkColor**.  I've
attached a fix for the problem to the end of this mail.

Yes, I think you're right. Though I think we may also need to free the
colors after we're done with them. I'll look into it.



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