[Glade-devel] Offer to help out!

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 15:17, Toby Smith wrote:

I am a reasonable able c/c++ programmer (and know a bit of gtk+ and
gnome programming) and would like to assist glade-3 project in achieving
it's first milestone release.

Hi Toby!

could someone suggest/advise me on some entry-level tasks that need
doing so that I can become familiar with the code base.

In the TODO file that you get when checking out glade3 from cvs there
are some things you may want to look at...
(The menu-editor is beeing worked on by Archit, who has not yet
committed his changes, so you probably want to wait with that to avoid
duplicated work)
If you are looking for something simpler, a couple of things that come
to my mind right now are:
- make popup menu items sensitive/unsensitive
- the editor may probably benefit from some love/cleanups

Other than that what you really can do it's play with glade3 a bit and
fix some of the bugs and assertions that show up :)

Here is a short overview of the principal files to get you oriented.
- main.c: speaks for itself ;)
- glade-project-window: it's the gui
- glade-commands: various actions with undo/redo
- glade-project: the data structure corresponding to a project
- glade-widget: data structure associated to each widget
- glade-widget-class: data and methods associated which each _type_ of
widget (note that this is a bit messy at the moment because Joaquin, who
btw is the maintainer, is working on it)

This should be enough to get you started, since most of the functiouns
and data structure are pretty well documented.

For anything that comes to your mind feel free to ask!


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