[Glade-devel] [patch, glade3] close a project (take 2)

Paolo wrote:


This afternoon I gave another shot to the patch which adds 
the ability of closing a project; this time the patch seems 
to work fine here, so I'm submitting it for inclusion, if it 
looks good to you.

Note that the patch touches also glade-project-view, since 
glade_project_view_set_project was buggy: it said it could be 
used to stop the view from beeing a view of the project, but 
then it tried to connect signals to a null object.


Not strictly related to the patch (if you are wondering why I 
ask it now, it is because at some point in the patch I was 
thinking of coding a glade_project_destroy function), but I 
also have a question about this piece of code I found in 
glade-project: I don't get what the functions is doing...


      object_class->destroy = glade_project_destroy;

static void
glade_project_destroy (GtkObject *object)
      GladeProject *project;

      project = GLADE_PROJECT (object);


It does what it seems it's doing.  Nothing.
My guess is that somebody start writting it because he though that he
will need it, and then he just forgot to really write the code.

Sorry Paolo, but I don't have yet enough time to take a look at your
patch.  I will review it asap.

Thank you for your work!


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