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I must confess this is news to me. I was under the impression that
Glade-3 has the same output XML DTD as glade-2, and libglade can be used
with glade-2 generated files as well as glade-3 generated ones.

I'm CC-ing this to glade-devel, hoping for some insight from the


On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 11:06, Bas Driessen wrote:
Thanks for reply Biswa,

You mention that it does not matter if the Glade files are produced by
Glade-2 or Glade-3. Unfortunatly, I can't agree with this. If I try to
open a Glade-2 (2.0.0) file with Glade-3 I get the error "Could not open
project". If I use "test-libglade" (2.0.1) to test a glade-2 file I get
a bunch of unknown property warnings. So 2 questions:

-1 How do I convert Glade-2 files to Glade-3 files?

-2 Which libglade should I use to work with Glade-3 files and where can
I find it?



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Hi Bas

Apologies for the late reply. I'm afraid I haven't had any time to look
into the glade integration issue. However, Glade-3 is probably a better
long term bet since it has a widgetized structure, which makes embedding
easy (just like using other GTK widgets), so I'm inclined to go that

As far as using libglade is concerned, the answer is a definite yes. It
doesn't matter whether the glade files are produced by glade-2 or
glade-3, since they produce identical files. Using libglade is not only
possible, it is also strongly recommended (as opposed to using source
code generated by glade) since it makes code size smaller and
maintenance much easier.



On Mon, 2003-05-05 at 07:54, Bas Driessen wrote:
Hello Biswa,

I saw your message (below) in the glade mailing list. I am especially
interested in your point no 1. I have a similar situation where I want

to integrate the glade tool into my product. So how far did you get?
Is it possible with Glade-2? If not, is Glade-3 the answer? Can I
still use libglade in a runtime situation where I want to display
glade-3 screens? I realize you are not a Glade developer, but any
help/tips/references regarding glade GUI integration you have is/are

Thanks and Regards,



Hi all

First, let me apologize for the long mail.

I'm a recent subscriber to the list so excuse me if this has been
discussed before.

I'm the maintainer of Anjuta (stable branch) and the author of the
code browsing parts (symbol/file browser, autocompletion, etc.).

Through Anjuta, our target is the newbie Linux/GNOME developer. As you

can realize, to the VB/VC crowd, *the* most popular feature request
for the GNOME2 version (The GNOME 1.x version is maintenance only now)

is better glade integration. I've thought about this a bit but since I

know virtually nothing about glade I thought people on this list can
give me some ideas. Maybe at least some of the things I want to do are

done already; in that case I'd like to know how to use those features.

What I'd like to do is:

1) GUI Integration: I'd like to have the three main windows of Glade
(Palette, Properties, Widget Tree) to be dockable windows, either as
Bonobo components (preferably as shared lib - out-of-proc is a pain),
or as ScrolledWindow-derived widgets, which we can put in our left
/bottom panes.

2) Glade Signals: We already have a decent symbol manager which keeps
track of all code components (structs/functions/prototypes, etc.) and
their locations (file name, start/end line/pos, etc.). We need to
integrate the editor, the symbol manager and the widget
tree/properties window. There are two ways of doing it:
 a) If the properties window is a docked widget, it can emit the
"signal_added" signal. The signal handler should be passed the widget
and signal details. We need the <widget> node and the <signal> node of

the glade file. We can then check in the symbol database if the
function exists (creating it if necessary my popping up a dialog and
taking the extra paramaters from the user). Once done, we can jump to
that function to allow the user to add/edit code.
 b) The component can emit the "saved" signal at which point we load
the XML into a tree, parse for <signal> nodes, create new signals as
necessary by consulting the symbol database and show the widget XML
tree (with the signals). The user can then click on the particular
signal and start editing the code.

There are two main problems with the above requirement:

(i). We need a database which tells us the parameters (along with
types) and the return values of each type of function. I'm guessing
guys already have such a database (since you generate the C code), but
how do we access that ? Do you have it in a reusable format ?

(ii). The Glade Properties/Widget Tree components need some
 a. An 'Edit Code' option for the signal which should emit the
"edit_code" signal with the function name, etc. as parameters.  b. A
way to associate header and source files at a window level. This
cannot be done at a project level because a project has multiple
windows/dialogs and the normal practice is to have a header/source
pair for the callbacks of each.

The user can, of course, select the same file for multiple

For (ii), we need a window-level extra properties tab in Glade. In the

XML file, for each top level <widget> node, we need to add
<header_file> and <source_file>. Currently, these nodes are only
present at the project level - they need to be moved down to the
window level (keeping them at the project level as well, and using
them as default values should be O.K though).

3) Glade Preferences: We'd like Glade to get/set glade preferences,
since some of them are common with the project preferences (top
directory, source dir, pixmap dir, etc.). Since they are saved in XML
as well, the simplest course of action might be for us to generate the

necessary XML and get glade to load it on startup. We can add the
necessary GUI under a 'Glade' tab in our preferences system and bypass

the Glade prefs dialog.

4) Code Generation: We'd like to bypass Glade code generation and
encourage users to use libglade. However, it would be nice to be able
to use Glade to generate the code on demand. Specifically:
 (i) We'd like to be able to call a Glade function with the widget and

signal name and get the function name, parameters types and return
value (a simple string containing the prototype will do).
 (ii) We'd like to be able to pass a widget ID and get (as a
string) the code to build the GUI in the passed language of choice

Some of this, of course, is already covered in (1): Signal Handling,
so maybe I need to club the two requirements together.

Finally, thanks for your patience. Hoping to get suggestions on how to

proceed with this.


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