[bug,glade3] No undo/redo functionality for widget names (RE: [Glade-devel] Re: Has glade3 development started?)

Shane wrote:

Archit, are you interested in resuming your work on copy & paste?

Speaking of which ... (I think this might be related...)

I have noticed that there is no undo/redo functionality for
when widget
names are changed.  The reason is because it is not a glade 
glade_editor_widget_name_changed() is different to
glade_editor_property_changed_*() which all use
glade_command_set_property() for undo/redo.
Sure this might be a small thing functionality wise, but it 
is still a bug. 

Shane, thank you very much for your bug report, I will take a look asap.
Btw, the bugzilla problem is a weird one.  You can see the bugs of
glade-3 (none logged), but you can't enter a new bug...

I will contact somebody @gnome.org to add glade-3 to the list.

Again, thank you for the report!


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