Re: [gitg] gitg current state of development

On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 11:08 PM, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
<nacho resa gmail com> wrote:
> the vala rewrite was already pushed into master. Although there were some
> breaks in libgit2-glib and now we have to rething some parts of gitg again.
> I know this is taking quite some time but we are trying to make things
> better. If you want to help is is also appreciated, but against the new vala
> code.

That is super exciting to hear!

I went ahead and compiled the latest version, which was surprisingly
difficult. Even on a bleeding-edge distro (Arch Linux), many of the
dependencies were out of date. One of the libraries, libgit2-glib
library hasn't even had an initial release yet. I just used git master
for this, so hopefully that's correct.

Once the dependencies were lined up, I was able to get past the
configure step and onto compilation, where I encountered an error:

  gitg-ext-navigation-tree-view.vala:193.22-193.29: error: Argument 1:
Cannot pass ref argument to non-reference parameter

Given the error's context, I am guessing that my version of gtk is out
of date. I deleted the "ref" keyword, but the resulting binary crashes
when trying to view a branch (go figure).

It sounds like I need to try this again once the Arch devs push the
latest Gnome stuff into the repos. In any case, this looks like it
will be really interesting upgrade once things stabilize!


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