[gitg] gitg current state of development

Dear all (or few? :p),

Just recently I was looking for a good git GUI for Linux because git is awesome and I saw saw good GUI apps for Mac. I only recently made the change back to Linux so I wanted a git GUI to work with here.

I installed and compared gitg, git-cola, Giggle and EGit. All of those are incomplete and not intuitive. I have to confess I'm rather new to git, but I used the terminal version for a while now and I think I start got understand most of it's core functionality.

The problems with most of these git GUI's are that or they are good at comparing commits and viewing the branches, but they lack commit / pull&push support (f.e. Giggle) or vice-versa (like git-cola).

I think I like gitg the most, although it doesn't have pull/push support. (At least the current Ubuntu 12.10 version doesn't.)

I saw that gitg has been hosted on several different locations "lately" (from novowork.com (as still listed in the Ubuntu Repository) to github and now to gnome. There is still no website for it, although there has been discussion about it on the gnome homepage. 
I'm just starting to use gitg so I don't know if there have been much changes since the last version released more than a year ago.

So, my question is, is gitg aiming to be the main git GUI for Gnome-based Linux? Is there still development going on for gitg?
What about pull/push support?

It's sad that Github does not provide an app for Linux like it does for Mac and Windows, but yet, Mac has several other awesome Git GUI apps for Mac, while there are none comparable ones for Linux.

Although I'm a heavy fan and supporter of Linux (especially Ubuntu), I study Computer Science and I can program pretty decent, I never actually contributed to an Open Source project other than filing bugs and making translations. But I think that a really good git app is a must for Linux to have, I would be committed to contribute here if possible.

Kind regards

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