GObject Introspection Annotation bugs -- how to report

Hi all,

I am working on a tool which uses a static analysis of source code to recover array length information in C, with the aim of producing GObject Introspection annotations. I have found what I believe to be some bugs in currently existing GObject Introspection annotations across several different gnome libraries. I’m still gathering data on some of the libraries, but as an example, for the gio library, I have found a total of 28 incorrect annotations, of which:

  • 17 are array arguments missing zero-terminated annotations
  • 1 is a fixed-length array misreported as zero-terminated
  • 3 ought to be symbolic length, but are not report as such
  • 2 report symbolic length when the array is not
  • 5 report symbolic length for an out parameter, whose length is also an out parameter.

Since there is a larger volume of items to report, does anyone have an idea what might be the correct way to report this? Do I file a separate bug report per incorrect annotation? Per library? Per type of bug? Some other granularity?



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