Re: [Gimp-web] Social media: consolidation of comments

Pat David writes:
First, let me clarify so I understand what you may be proposing:

1. A means for any member of the GIMP team to view a feed of interactions
with the GIMP accounts across various social media platforms?
    (This does _not_ necessarily mean _any_ arbitrary mention of GIMP, just
the interactions directed towards the official accounts).
    That is, a view of mentions that are publicly visible and directed
towards the official account.

I'm not the original poster, but I'd love to be able to get, say,
the interesting news that shows up on the GIMP Google+ account
without needing to remember to wade through the Google+ website
all the time. For instance, as an RSS feed.

Let me hack at this and see what I can find. (This is _highly_ experimental
and just a wild tangent that you've now got me on - so expect nothing to
come of this).

Looks like there are several services to produce RSS from a G+ page,
but I haven't looked into the Free-ness of any of them, or how
likely they are to stay around.


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