Re: [Gimp-web] Social media: consolidation of comments


For consolidating discussions: on Twitter I don't think it's too hard to
follow posts that tag #gimp or refer to the @gimp account. On Facebook,
people could comment on the GIMP page's "wall." If what you really want
is for people to be able to talk together in a single place, then
probably a forum would be better. 

Discourse may or may not have been the appropriate choice for a plugin
registry type site, I dunno. But it makes for an *excellent* forum. 

Note: There actually already is an unofficial GIMP forum
<>. It's just a little slow, and the web design
isn't nearly as beautiful and feature-rich as a Discourse site would
be... I've only given it a cursory look, but Discourse has tools for
importing existing forums, so we might possibly conserve some effort if
we wanted to see if the people at were receptive to
switching to a more lovely and more advanced forum application... Or,
y'know, just leave the forum as it is, and link to their site from 

Starting a new forum, or linking to (and revitalizing) the existing
unofficial forum, could possibly reinvigorate the community discussion,

~Andrew / terrycloth 

On 2016-01-21 06:51, Pat David wrote: 

Not sure how to consolidate things. None of these services is exactly open
to aggregating their content in a single place (and it's not in their best
interest to do so).

With that being said, I suppose there's always the possibility of setting
up a central place for users to congregate. A forum perhaps? (I've had
good results with discourse for so far). Though I feel like this
might require an inordinately large amount of time policing and we may not
have the interest/manpower available to handle it. :( (Not just spam -
that's already reasonably well handled by default).

Actually, this was also part of an idea I had for transitioning the plugin
registry to something else as well. I had put this on hold but can
certainly re-visit the idea...

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 12:18 AM Alexandre Prokoudine <
alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:
Sven Claussner wrote: Now that we are also on Facebook and Twitter I find a bit inconvenient to check each 
single social media site for discussions and comments on posts from our eager public relations people. 
Would it be possible that they are consolidated in a single place? How do you expect this to work? Alex 
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