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Hi William!

GIMP doesn't really have a "thumbnail/filmstrip" view like you might be
accustomed to in other software.  It focuses on a primary job "image
editing" vs. "image management" in some way.

You could use another program to do a better job of managing, sorting, and
filtering your image assets and in some cases link that program to use GIMP
for any editing operations.

Also, this mailing list is normally used for discussing the website
development.  Normally questions like this would get better exposure (and
more responses) on the GIMP-user list:

You can see all the mailing lists here:

Hope this helps (even though it's likely not the answer you're looking


On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 5:01 AM WILLIAM CASSING <whcassing att net> wrote:

I am so new I don't even know where to go to ask for help.  My initial
question is, I hope, a simple one.

Many editors can be configured to show a thumbnail list of selected files
and/or folder content across the bottom of the display, with the choice of
image to be edited made by clicking one or more thumbnails.  I have no idea
how to configure GIMP in that manner and searches in help for "thumbnails"
yield no results.

I would very much appreciate some help setting up this basic configuration
so I can begin to work my way around the other features.  Thank you for
your help!

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Pat David

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