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On 2015-10-23 06:35, Pat David wrote: 

It seems that the list may have stripped out your attachment?

Huh. I'll try attaching it again, but just in case, here's the patch
file pasted below. 

From 580337e443bcca55b1e70bae72fcebcf9cdc50e6 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Andrew Toskin <andrew tosk in>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:59:41 -0700
Subject: [PATCH] Explain *how* to contribute to the GIMP projects.

The "Development Status", "Bug Reports" and "Web Development" headings
seemed to
me like they were really subsections of "How You Can Help," so I set
those to be
h3 headings.

A couple times, in the "Hacking" and "How To Submit Your Changes"
sections, I
tried to borrow the tone of Wikipedia's "Be Bold" guidelines.

I added a list of links to the most important GIMP repositories. I was
going to
mention gimp-web-devel in this list, but it looks like no one has pushed
commits there since 2013. Perhaps that repo should be archived?
 content/develop/ | 30 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 1 file changed, 25 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/content/develop/ b/content/develop/
index 0c9df4a..1502c76 100644
--- a/content/develop/
+++ b/content/develop/
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Ways in which you can help:

 As you can see, anyone can help. 

-## Development Status 
+### Development Status 

 The team is currently busy working on v2.10. This will be the first
release of GIMP featuring a new, advanced image processing engine, high
bit depth editing, as well as new and improved transformation and
selection tools. 

@@ -39,19 +39,34 @@ Porting internals of GIMP to GEGL is mostly done,
but more plugins have to be po

 To get a better understanding of where the project is heading to, which
features are planned etc., please visit the
[Roadmap]( page. 

-## Bug Reports 
+### Bug Reports 

 GIMP is not a bug-free application nor is any other application so
reporting the bugs that you will encounter is very important to the
development, it helps the developers to make GIMP more stable and more
bug free. 

 You don't have to be a developer or a everyday user to report bugs. It
can be hard to report a bug the first time you try it out but don't just
quit the whole bug report if you think it is hard. Instead, look at the
[bugs](/bugs/) page you will find some very good help about this. 

-## Web Development 
+### Web Development 

 Creating websites that contain useful information is very important. It
is actually just as important as doing bug reports. A website contains a
lot of information that is needed for the development to move on and it
also contains information that will help the public to understand what
the application is all about. 

 ## Hacking 

-This is the part where people are always needed to help with the
development, and this is also the part that is the hardest to start
with. Though there are websites and files to give you a good look at how
hacking is being done in GIMP. 
+GIMP uses [git]( as its revision control system,
and the [GNOME Foundation]( hosts all of our code
+* [`gimp`]( - the GIMP application
+* [`gimp-web`]( - repo for this
+* [`gimp-web-devel`]( -
repo for the developer site at <> 
+* [`gimp-help-2`]( - the GIMP
user manual 
+* [plus several others]( 
+New contributors should first introduce themselves on IRC (the #gimp
channel at and/or the relevant mailing lists: 
+* [GIMP Developers mailing list, for those who work on the core GIMP
application and
+* [GEGL Developers mailing list for developers of the GEGL
+* [GIMP Web Developers mailing list, for working on this
+* [GIMP Documentation mailing list, for working on the user
+This way you can announce the changes you intend to make, ask
questions, and discuss which changes would be best. It's generally
better to focus on one thing at a time. Contributing to a software
project for the first time is always the hardest part, which is why
we're here to help each other. There are also websites to give you a
good look at how hacking is being done in GIMP. 

 The site you should keep updated with and the site that is updated all
the time with new development help guides is located at
[]( If you have GIMP
installed at the moment then there are some files you should look at in
the source code that might help you a little. 

@@ -64,6 +79,12 @@ The site you should keep updated with and the site
that is updated all the time
 * [README.i18n]( 
 _(The internationalization README which should be read by translators)_

+Once you've figured out what to do, though, be bold and get to work! 
+## How To Submit Your Changes 
+When you're ready, make your edits, and [generate a patch
file]( Send the patch file,
along with a summary of what you did, to the mailing list for feedback.
The GIMP community is a friendly one, but it probably is still worth
saying this: Try not to take critiques personally. We all just want GIMP
to be the best that it can be. Once approved, your edits will be merged
into the code base, making you an official GIMP contributor. And if you
keep up the good work, not only will this process get easier with
practice, your administrative privileges in GIMP development will also
increase too. 
 ## Important GIMP Links 

 * [The GNU Image Manipulation Program]( - 
@@ -94,4 +115,3 @@ The site you should keep updated with and the site
that is updated all the time
 ## Latest Changes in Code 

 The [Unstable GIMP]( page lists
the lastest source code commits to the unstable branch of GIMP. 


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