Re: [Gimp-web] Getting involved with the "Get Involved" web page

Hi Andrew!

On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 11:36 PM Andrew Toskin <andrew tosk in> wrote:

Hah, I just noticed that Mitch is also the administrator of this
mailing list, so I guess he really would know. I didn't really doubt
him, but I was holding out hope that there might be a GitHub or GitLab
-style way of submitting code changes. For those platforms, you don't
have to be a trusted member of the development team to make pull/merge
requests because changes can be reviewed before accepting into the code
base. And at the very least, they seem like an aesthetic upgrade from
the GNOME mailing list archives. I'M JUST SAYING. :P

There's nothing stopping us from simply mirroring gimp-web on something
like github.  I'd have to check that it was actually ok, but it's
technically possible (using git hooks I think).  Then you could issue PR's
against the project.

This is something we can look at after the migration if it helps to ease
the ability to contribute!

Pat, looks really good! I'm also glad about the switch
from server-side-includes to Pelican; a proper static site generator
was also something I was thinking of suggesting.
Okay, I'll make my patch against the gimp-web-static branch, then. This
patch is for `gimp-web/content/develop/`:
 * The "Development Status", "Bug Reports" and "Web Development" headings
seemed to me like they were really subsections of "How You Can Help," so I
set those to be h3 headings.
 * A couple times, in the "Hacking" and "How To Submit Your Changes"
sections, I tried to borrow the tone of Wikipedia's "Be Bold" guidelines.
 * I added a list of links to the most important GIMP repositories. I was
going to mention gimp-web-devel in this list, but it looks like no one has
pushed any commits there since 2013. Perhaps that repo should be archived?
See the attached patch file.

It seems that the list may have stripped out your attachment?

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