[Gimp-web] Fraudulent Exposure to GiMP Software



I have several items posted on the Craigslist web site.  As a consultant my customers require me to assist and advise when they encounter something out of sorts.  Today they ran into  http://gimphost.org/?u=­


After receiving a text message about an item posted for Trade on Craigslist, from what appeared to be an interested party, the message read, “would you consider a trade for this?”


So my customer selected the URL which was embedded in the Message and that took him to http://img-send.com !  Once they downloaded all of the images and could NOT display them on the Cellular, using your App.  They went to a PC and downloaded it again. However, they got the same result.  The pictures/images were blank!!!!!!!!!!!


Now this individual, who is using the phone number (412) 280-4580 for the purpose of sending SMS Cellular messages, refuses­ to answer any and all of our text messages.


I don’t think I have to tell you the implications of this in the eyes of the FTC and Craigslist, so I would like to know what your intentions are at this point?  Do we need to pursue this or are you going to take steps to end this fraud?  I am sure you have a fine product but this is NOT the way to get the word out.  In fact it has had the net result of exactly the opposite of gaining our interest and trust and I can all but guarantee you that after having this experience, these guys will NEVER use your product.  Not in the current climate.


I await your response.



Michael A. Payne PC

Michael A. Payne PC

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