[Gimp-user] Extend period of Filter>Distort>Ripple to 10, 000 (when maximum is 1, 000)

That's really all I need, for my very large image. Filter>Distort>Ripple
with period 10,000 when maximum is 1,000. I have already gotten the exact
effect I want in a smaller resolution. But I need it in very large
resolution now so I can auto-vector-trace it in Inkscape.

If anyone has any better ideas for me I'm willing to hear them, but as it
stands I ought to be able to get it done with a blasted 10,000 period

If attachments work, I have attached the low-resolution image I am trying
to recreate in high resolution. Naturally I have the undistorted vector
image as well, but I like the GIMP treatment of distortion. Loss of
legibility is part of the point...

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