[Gimp-user] Corruption in layers

Deleting large amounts of background and cloning the remaining image
to create
new image.effects. All layers have alpha layers

After a large amount of work, corruption on the layer  appears in the
form of
white pixels appearing in a local area next to the cloning work being

The corrupted rogue pixels cannot be deleted, they move randomly when
a eraser
tool is used on them, they also show through the background image as

Was using 2.10.8 and the rouge pixels were white. Reinstalled to
2.10.18 the
same happened but the rouge pixels are now black

Your help please

The point about the pixels changing from white to black is bit odd after
BUT did you erase/refresh/renew your config files
they stay when you uninstalling gimp even when a new/fresh version is
could be worth checking

Also what distro are you on Linux or Windows version

The Gimp you got from Where site or distro repo is it snap or flatpack or
normal standard repo issue from which Distro

Maybe could be a corrupted file/download if gotten from a non repo site

For anyone to figure this tricky tricky they really could use a lot more info
on specifics to narrow down the cause

I'm Very interested about this one I have not heard of this before
all the best and I hope the extra info will help to work this out - Chances
are it's a simple fix - Let's hope so

fa-flyingalone (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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