Re: [Gimp-user] [Citrix] GIMP doesn't see user's local drives

Can the user not configure the "Place" for the opening or saving of files in the Open or Save dialogues by using the "Search" box under "Places" and then make a folder that would show up in the "Folders" section of "Recently Used"?

I.e. search for the folder to use for opening or saving and then link to it using the GIMP dialogue.

That should allow GIMP to remain on your server while the student's Open/Save folder is local. You may have to walk them through this initially.

Rick S.

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I didn't realize when I installed it, is that when you attempt to open/save you don't get your typical 'file manager' to allow you to select "MY PC" It does see the mapped network drives and the folders within their user profile. But while that's ok, it's important to be able to access the user's local device (harddrive or USB) when they are in this virtual environment. So I need to see the top level "My PC"

Is anyone out there using GIMP in Citrix XenApp? Have you found a way to add the user's local devices? What this means is that I need to be able to give the user access to the "My PC" option you typically see on a Windows computer's File Manager.

Is there a way, maybe through Registry, to add this as a folder option for all users? Someone in a forum mentioned it may not be GIMP, but the GTK+ that does this. But that doesn't mean anything to me.


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