Re: [Gimp-user] Installing Gimp 2.10.18 on Mac OS using macports

Just out of interest, (I'm not a Mac user), would it take as long if you
were to rebuild? In other words, does the process always rebuild everything
or is it cleverer than that?



On Fri, May 8, 2020 at 5:24 AM Luthien <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

Since there's still no official Mac OS build for Mac OS available, I first
Partha's build.
I'm glad that he got around to making those available again.

However, I found that especially using G'Mic is very slow on that build -
slower than they older 'official' 2.10.14 version of Gimp was. So, I
looked for
other options.
Homebrew still only provides 2.10.14 as well, but apparently MacPorts does
v. 2.10.18, so I gave that a try.

Short version: it works fine, but building will take some time. Also, the
installed version runs on XQuartz, like in the old days ;) - key
all use the Control, not the Command key. You can change that in the
shortcuts config. G'Mic is also fine, and is definitely as fast as it was
on v.

Slightly longer version: for instructions on how to install MacPorts, see
macports website. There are .pkg packages for all recent versions of Mac

You will also need to have the XCode command line tools installed -
will probably prompt you if it can't find it.

And: be patient ... MacPorts builds all the required libraries, and
therefore it
takes serious time. Using a 2019 MBP (2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9), the
exercise lasted about an hour - especially the building gcc10 step. Just
until it's done.

If all goes well, you'll end up with a directory called 'MacPorts' in the
Application folder; and in there a tiny package, with the bulk of
code installed in /opt/local.
Note that, contrary to Homebrew, MacPorts requires sudo permissions to

I think it's usable, but I still hope the official version for mac will
come out
(no XQuartz, the menu in the usual top-bar pace, and having the CMD key

I hope this is of some use to others!


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