[Gimp-user] Sizes of an image - display v printing

I am little confused ...

I have an image that is 828 pixels wide.

If I open it in Paint, and HyperSnap or GIMP and view it at 100% and use a
ruler, the width of the image is about 23cm.

If I drag the image into a Microsoft Outlook email (embed it) or go to the GIMP
Print Size window, they both report it to be 3.5cm wide!

So, the GIMP editor shows it at a nice size of 23cm visually, but to print, or
embed it in Microsoft Outlook email it is only 3.5cm width.

Why is it then that the display of it in the editor is 23cm? What changes need
to be applied so that the image will embed into Microsoft Outlook email at 23cm?
Certainly, I was expectign it to embed at the scale I see it in the GIMP viewer
and not the anticipate scale for printing.

chuckie (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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