[Gimp-user] Open PDF at the right width and height


I'm trying to convert PDF to image with batch processing.
But I didn't find a way to choose pixel-width and pixel-height during the
opening of the PDF, as in interactive mode (window "import PDF").

Instead of that, Gimp automatically opens the PDF at 100% size AND 100 dpi.

For example :
My PDF is 7,84 x 11,69 inch, not rasterized and fully losless resizable.
As Gimp assumes that the PDF is at 100 dpi, the resulting image (opened with
"gimp_file_load") is 784 x 1169 pixels.

It's too low, because the PDF contains mainly small texts, not readable at 784 x

And the idea to use "gimp_image_scale" to increase the image size is not
It makes heavier images but not more readable.
Once the image is rasterized, even with a good interpolation, you can't no more
increase the readability.

The plugin "file-pdf-load" neither have width/height or dpi parameters, so it
converts the PDF at the same small resolution (768 x 1169).

Could you help me to create large images from PDF by batch processing ?

Thank you - APL

YouNoOat (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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