[Gimp-user] PCB Editing

I am trying to separate the 2 sides of a printed circuit board photo
and can't
remember how to do it.  The circuit diagram is in blue and the parts
layout is
in black. Wiring placement is in red is irrevelant and can be deleted.
pattern, in blue, is printed on glossy photo paper on a laser printer,
in black.
The print is set on 'high quality' so needs to be sharp and clear. The
image is
then positioned, face down on a blank copper clad PCB then transfered
to the
board by various means such as heat lamination or chemically. Once
the parts layout is printed on the laser as before, positioned in
alignment with
the circuit side, then transfer to the opposite side of the board as
before. Any
help with separating the 2 images would be appreciated.


That image is on the small side + jpeg arifacts Does not make for wonderful

You can get most of your requirement using the gmic gimp plugin from www.gmic.eu

I would do it as this 3 minute video: https://youtu.be/9esPa-CP628

but plenty of repair still required.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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