[Gimp-user] Batch Image Manipulation, it's time to implement it in GIMP

Hi all,
BIMP does not work with Gimp 2.10 and it is not possible to do a batch
resize of images.

This is pretty unacceptable in 2018 from a program of such a great

Is there someone working on this feature?
Isn't it time to include this feature in the official gimp without the
needs of extensions or plugins?


Hello.   What does work with Gimp 2.8 ?  I just tried David's  plug in.  It
doesn't show up in filters.  I guess it doesn't work.

I just (currently) want to crop a large number of pics.  If there's no gimp
batch is there a third party thing, an alternative graphics prog or something?

Just posted a blank reply to the thread.  Sorry.  First time user.  didn't know
what I was doing.

abrogard (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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