[Gimp-user] Batch Image Manipulation, it's time to implement it in GIMP

I have been writing code since the 1970's. I've seen numerous attempts
to replace code written in a text editor by code generated by clicking
in graphical interfaces, possibly under the assumption that this could
be used by non-programmers and therefore get rid of that costly 
programmers clique. These attempts all fell in two categories, those 
that utterly failed and those that ended up used only by programmers.

Programming isn't writing code. Programming is finding the point of
that makes things simple (at least, as simple as possible).
is knowing how to sense problems and code around them. Programming is 
knowing how to debug your creation, because it rarely works on the

This is 2019. A couple of months ago, I was helping teenage kids 
"program" Lego Mindstorm robots in a science fair. It's all graphical,
you connect little boxes to start motors, react to sensor events,
All kids started a program and when the robot crashed and burned they 
couldn't imagine what to try to figure out what the problem was. I had
to tell them. These kids were intelligent, once I gave them a few
they could move forward, but they couldn't come up all by themselves 
with the right way to do it.

Back to Gimp & Bimp. If I give you a GUI where you can do more than
really trivial stuff which is best done with ImageMagick, you won't be
able to use it efficiently without acquiring a programmer's mindset.
once you have done so you discover that you can learn Python in a
of hours, and that you are more efficient with it than with a GUI.

As we were saying in the 80s: "Command-line stuff. This is so 1950..."

PS: The tutorial referred to by Kasim dates back to Gimp 2.4... so
at least 10 years old...

abrogard (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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