Re: [Gimp-user] Need help with jpg-cannot get it to work..

On Sat, 2020-02-15 at 02:47 +0100, theweblady wrote:

I have tried everything I can find about doing this with older
versions of gimp
but when I use those directions they don't work as the menu has

You can use the / command to find functions/meu items/plugins/actions
in GIMP, which sometimes helps (although it just does them, it doesn't
teach you where they are, unfortunately).

This is really not an easy photo to work with - there's lots of digital
camera noise and lots of grey everywhere.

I'd probaly make a new transparent layer and just draw the lines over
it, then delete the base layer. Or, use Inkscape and draw bezier
curves, but that's a little tricker to learn than just drawing with the
pen on the tablet.

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