Re: [Gimp-user] Export archive

IIRC on Windows 10 apps can be sandboxed and prevented to write outside
your home directory. There are

On 2/7/20 1:17 PM, Juan Guillermo González-Meneses García-Valdecasas wrote:
I have updated mi Windows 7 to Windows 10. Before, I could export my
picture, after working in it with GIMP, from JPG to JPG, with the same
name, of course deleting the previous one when accepting to do that.

Now, since the first day using my new Windows 10, I get this message:

"Ha fallado el guardado de «E:\Allthings\2019\IMG_5912.JPG»

No se pudo abrir «E:\Allthings\2019\IMG_5912.JPG» para escritura:
Permission denied"

Any suggestion?



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