[Gimp-user] Should I update from 2.8?

This may be a silly question, so be nice! But I have been using 2.8
for years
now. At some point I attempted to upgrade to 2.10, and I have no idea
happened, if it just didn't fully download or what...but it apparently
happened. I just went to do another update to 2.10.14 and realized
I do not use gimp for anything too complex. I make wall art & t-shirt
typically using text and some png graphics. I don't normally do much
editing, etc. So I am just wondering, will I even benefit from
switching to
2.10? I am concerned with there being a huge change in layout and
having to get
caught up on where/how everything works if there isn't a difference in
things I currently use it for.

I don't think it is pertinent for this question, but I am on Windows

Using MS Windows is very much pertinent. 

For a  32 bit Windows the latest Gimp 2.10 has a good chance of  not working.
Fails with  some installation, works on others. 64 bit Windows is not affected
(although there have been issues with nVidia graphics)

Installing Gimp 2.10.  Gimp 2.10 will remove the existing 2.8 installation but
some files might be 'left behind' Typically plugins that have installed
themselves in the main Gimp folders. Better to remove these yourself.

The installer will try and migrate resources from  the Gimp 2.8 user profile
C:\Users\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8 to the new 2.10 user profile. 
C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10  This can cause problems with
outdated scripts and plug-ins.  The best way is disable the 2.8 profile, rename
it or move to some other location before installing Gimp 2.10 and creating a new
default Gimp 2.10 profile.

The default interface looks different. Horrible black theme, cluttered toolbox
using symbolic icons, too many tabs in the docks and does not fit well if using
an older laptop with a 1366 x 768 display. All that  can be adjusted. A demo of
what can be done.

https://youtu.be/8M2P0N-qhm0  duration 7 minutes

and a couple of basic screenshots: Changing the theme
https://i.imgur.com/IGpgmST.jpg  Changing the icons

What is new. Most of the tools and filters now work directly on the canvas. No
more guessing in a tiny preview window. It does mean that your old workflow will
have to change. Plus some new tools / layer groups improved.....

Some things a bit flaky at the moment that might affect your type of work. PDF
export is not wonderful. Tries to embed font information and fails. The usual
work-around, new-from-visible, use that.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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