[Gimp-user] Should I update from 2.8?

This may be a silly question, so be nice! But I have been using 2.8 for years
now. At some point I attempted to upgrade to 2.10, and I have no idea what
happened, if it just didn't fully download or what...but it apparently never
happened. I just went to do another update to 2.10.14 and realized this.
I do not use gimp for anything too complex. I make wall art & t-shirt designs,
typically using text and some png graphics. I don't normally do much image
editing, etc. So I am just wondering, will I even benefit from switching to
2.10? I am concerned with there being a huge change in layout and having to get
caught up on where/how everything works if there isn't a difference in the
things I currently use it for.

I don't think it is pertinent for this question, but I am on Windows os

belljulia (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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