Re: [Gimp-user] Lost icons

I found that disconcerting too. Press and hold your cursor on the little black triangles in the lower RH corner of each tool and what you seek will magically appear. Now, does anyone know how to get some of the tools on these hidden lists to stay visible on the LH side panel? In other words get the Rotate AND Scale AND Shear icons to all show at the same time?

TIA, Rick S.

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Subject: [Gimp-user] Lost icons

I have just downloaded the new download and found that half of my tools
have gone missing.  Namely enlarge, rotate, alignment and perspective on
the left hand side of the program.  I am not well blessed in using Gimp and
these toolss that are missing are some that I use most.  That is along with
clone, text and selecting tools.

So I would like to know how I can get them back.  Please be aware that I am
60 years old and have a disability so make your instructions about sorting
this matter as simply as you can.

I await your reply inanticipation.

Kevin Cook
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