Re: [Gimp-user] I have lost all my Gimp windows

On 09/04/2020 16:09, Jean TAVENAS wrote:

I have lost all my Gimp windows. I just have now one window with the entries
fichier edition selection affichage image calque couleurs outils filtres
fenetres aide.

I have de-installed the gimp application and re-install it as I thaught the
appli will be re-installed with a default configuration but unfortunately it
seems that the re-install keeps the previous setting.

I have been able to create a new tool box using a CTL B, but the window
created is not anchored to the main window.

Could you help ? how could/should I removed all Gimp files in order to do a
complete re-installation ?

Thanks for your help, I am on Win10.

Best regards

Edit>Preferences>Interface>Window management>Window positions>Reset
saved window positions to default values

Gimp keeps its configuration in the user profile:
<>. This profile is not erased
when you uninstall and reused by the next installation, so
reinstallation rarely fix things.

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