[Gimp-user] Very saturated and darkened photos

Photos edited in GIMP, when used in other softs, are displayed quite
saturated and darkened. I tried to edit the images again, and opening
the images in GIMP there is simply nothing to edit they present
themselves with good lighting and good color balance.

I tried with other (new) photos. I edited from scratch, cut, adjusted
and exported. When opening on another platform (video, vectoring or
web editor) these were also saturated. I even tried to make it clear
in GIMP to compensate but it also didn't work. Lightening the
saturated photos in another image editor, also did not give good
results. I am possibly making a mistake at some point in GIMP, but I
don't know when that problem occurs.

I updated Windows 10 but it didn't solve the problem.


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