[Gimp-user] Custom Font Loading questions

Hey folks.  Newish to Gimp and trying to load a custom Font family (Geomanist)
that I'm having some problems with.  Can anyone explain how GIMP names custom
fonts being loaded.  I'm seeing some fonts loading but GIMP renames the original
font name (I've used Font Forge to find all the font info for each font) and
choses its own name.  For example one font if named "Ultra" with a weight of 900
(Black according to Font Forge) and GIMP names it Heavy, even though there is a
"Heavy" font it already named called Geomanist Black, that also has the  same
weight as Ultra in the font family, so I end up with two.  Another example is
there is a font named "Thin" at a Weight Class of 250 but when opened in Font
Forge 250 isn't an option only 200 (Extra Light) and another font called
Geomanist "Light"  which in Font Forge is a weight of 300 (Light) and GIMP loads
both of these fonts but sadly names them both "Light"  so I end up with several
font options called "Light" in GIMP even though GIMP loads them correctly
(weight, shape etc) it just grabs and duplicates the font name.

So technically i have all the fonts in the family loading its just  i see
duplicate names for some and its hard to distinguish which is which.  I tested a
work around by changing the problematic fonts in the family to have a different
family name (and I changed their font names) but GIMP still changes the name in
the same way.  So with "Ultra" it still loads with font name of "Heavy".

So where is GIMP pulling these names "Heavy" from?   "Light" "Medium" etc?  
Font Forge under OS/2 weight classes shows 9 classes - none of them are "Heavy"
but also none of them are "Ultra" as the Geomanist author has named it.  Does
the assigned Weight class by the author even have anything to do with what GIMP
does in terms of naming?

Anyone have some insights.  Ultimately I'd just like the font that GIMP loads to
load with the specific font names the author has assigned (if I'm confirmed
these names correctly in Font Forge.   Thanks in advance!! (took a pic of font
book, and ultra and black named Geomanist fonts I mentioned above (opened in
Font Forge).

* https://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/1131/original/Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_3.28.13_PM.png

Seattle-Jeff (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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