Re: [Gimp-user] SVG File Content Understanding

Looks like path triplets. For some insights:

Reading the SVG format is fine (and there are likely libraries for
this), but you can also export the path directly to your own format, see
for instance the path-csv script here:


On 3/19/19 2:29 AM, Michael Ruch via gimp-user-list wrote:
So in trying to start a project to read the file contents of Gimp's SVG
format I am struggling. I am going on about 6 hours of research and have not
found anything that breaks the format down for me. Since I am new to SVG and
its structure I may just be searching the incorrect key terms. What I am
really looking to find is a detailed explanation, would really help me here.

Opening the file in VS Code I can see that there is an attribute under the
path node, the attribute is "d". Here I can see what appear to be metric
data points. But I cant seem to figure out how they are put together. Being
a developer for CAD systems for several years I expected line / arc data. I
can see points which I assume make up the lines but I do not see arc data
(at least I don't think).

What I think I have figured out is the start and stop of a path. M and Z
(again maybe, I am guessing here)

Here is a small section of what I am trying to decipher.

M 1908.00,1413.00

            C 1922.52,1410.08 1930.50,1409.32 1944.00,1416.86

              1947.19,1418.64 1950.30,1420.52 1952.91,1423.10

              1966.11,1436.17 1967.76,1461.92 1957.20,1477.00

              1950.17,1487.05 1935.23,1494.94 1923.00,1495.82

              1919.21,1496.09 1911.24,1495.03 1909.02,1491.61

              1907.56,1489.36 1908.00,1482.84 1908.00,1480.00

              1908.00,1480.00 1908.00,1452.00 1908.00,1452.00

              1908.00,1452.00 1908.00,1413.00 1908.00,1413.00 Z

            M 1802.00,1412.39

            C 1819.37,1410.05 1829.21,1418.53 1835.99,1434.00

              1843.02,1450.70 1843.07,1471.21 1835.99,1488.00

              1830.33,1502.09 1822.24,1511.44 1806.00,1510.98

              1792.97,1510.62 1783.88,1497.97 1779.23,1487.00

              1776.00,1479.39 1774.77,1471.20 1774.18,1463.00

              1773.95,1459.72 1774.50,1458.10 1774.84,1455.00

              1776.64,1438.15 1784.08,1417.76 1802.00,1412.39 Z

            M 1492.00,1443.00

            C 1492.00,1443.00 1507.00,1491.00 1507.00,1491.00

              1507.00,1491.00 1478.00,1491.00 1478.00,1491.00

              1478.00,1491.00 1486.29,1459.00 1486.29,1459.00

              1486.29,1459.00 1492.00,1443.00 1492.00,1443.00 Z

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