[Gimp-user] exposure blending without halo

I saw a YT video a few months ago and should have saved it and now I
need it. It may have been about using Photoshop but the technique
should be generic.

The issue is, I have two photos of the same subject (taken using a
tripod) at different exposures because the sky is nice but bright and
the foreground is nice but darker. There is a pretty hard line between
the two, a line of trees. The video talked about how to shape the line
between the two so when the two exposures/layers were blended, there
were no halos and the shape of the mask was accurate. Did the video
creator use something like a high or low pass filter? I don't know, I
can't remember.

However, once the mask was created, there were portions that weren't
black so it was painted black, which was fine, the critical part was
creating the edge accurately.

Any suggestions?

A gimp script luminosity masks see:

You could ask on https://discuss.pixls.us/ Pat David resides there.

rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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