[Gimp-user] Gimp plugin for macro processing

I am very new to scripting and programing but am doing my best to make a
plugin that will complete multiple steps in succession for GIMP using

The script I have written so far is as follows: 

(define (script-fu-macro-pmc-ack image layer)
        (gimp-image-undo-group-start image)
        (gimp-image-duplicate layer)
        (gimp-fuzzy-select drawable x y threshold operation antialias feather
feather-radius sample-merged)
        (gimp-edit-cut drawable)
        (gimp-context-set-sample-transparent sample-transparent)
        (gimp-flip drawable flip-type)
        (gimp-drawable-transform-rotate drawable angle auto-center center-x
center-y transform-direction interpolation supersample recursion-       level
        (gimp-image-undo-group-end image)

  "<Image>/Tool/PMC Macro"
  "Protocol for PMC"
  "July 2019"
  "RGB*, GRAY*"
  SF-Image "Image" 0
  SF-DRAWABLE "Layer" 0

I have a few questions: 
1) I want an image to duplicate itself as a layer and then apply these
changes to just ONE of the layers. Is this possible? 
2) I also am unsure what my values should be for a few of my independent
functions above. If someone could help me define those or understand those
that would be greatly appreciated. 
3) When I try to run this script or a smaller version of this script it
gives me this error message: 

"Error while loading
2.scm: Error:
2.scm : 23) eval:     unbound variable: SF-Image" 

Why is it giving me this message an how should I go about fixing that? 

Thanks in advance!

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